Club Rides

While lessons have their place, and benefits, we believe riding is about self-expression and fun! What better way to achieve that than through free ride time with friends! Our club meets at Snoqualmie Pass on week nights twice a week all winter! These are FREE Club Rides where we just get together and ride!  There isContinue reading “Club Rides”

Ski Bus

Due to Covid-19, we wont run a ski bus for the 2020/21 season. This will be an option for future seasons! The Summit at Snoqualmie has partnered with FLIX bus to provide a ski bus from Ellensburg to the Pass for $9!! Click here for more info

Support our Club, Earn a Gaiter!

All gaiter proceeds pay for club necessities like insurance, rentals, passes, lessons, you name it! Wear as face cover, neck gaiter, headwrap, scarf, beanie, hat liner, helmet liner and more. Please support our club by pre-ordering yours today! Orders will be fulfilled before Dec 20th!Send $15 per gaiter through the link below. Please indicate ifContinue reading “Support our Club, Earn a Gaiter!”

Virtual Community Gear Garage Sale

Families need gear! We’d like to invite anyone and everyone in the area to our virtual community garage sale November 18-21! Please post your snowboard & ski equipment for sale, and help families find affordable equipment for the upcoming season. Join the Facebook group to join the sale! Need more incentive? Sellers will be pickedContinue reading “Virtual Community Gear Garage Sale”