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Our Beliefs

Snow sports make the world a happier place! KCSSC believes that every child deserves the opportunity to ski or snowboard. Our youth ski & snowboard club offers free club rides, discounted passes, and coach training!

The goal of the KCSSC is to enable any child the opportunity to ski or snowboard, no matter their family’s income.

Club Programs

Family Club Rides

While lessons have their place, and benefits, we believe riding is about self-expression and fun! What better way to achieve that than through free ride time with friends! Our club meets at Snoqualmie Pass on Wednesday nights all winter! These are FREE Club Rides where we just get together and ride!  There is no formal training. Continue reading “Family Club Rides”

Coach Sessions

For 8 consecutive weeks, coaches will provide added training for riders who want to take their skills to the next level! The Coach Sessions will be held for 90 minutes, once a week beginning in January.  Parents are welcome to spectate, but not participate in these lessons. This is a formal lesson with an experiencedContinue reading “Coach Sessions”

Ski Bus

High Society Transportation will be providing us a ride every Wednesday night! The cost is $100 per person for the whole season if you pay in advance. Otherwise, the cost is $15 per person each trip.There is limited space, so book your spot ASAP HERE!

Coaches & Chaperones Wanted

Please apply or contact us for more info.

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