Club Rides

While lessons have their place, and benefits, we believe riding is about self-expression and fun! What better way to achieve that than through free ride time with friends!

Our club meets at Snoqualmie Pass on week nights twice a week all winter! These are FREE Club Rides where we just get together and ride!  There is no formal training.  Mostly learning and laughing with peers.

Riders will be divided into groups based on age and skill level. Chaperones will always be present.

We depend on parents to chaperone the group! Parents won’t be expected to chaperone every single ride.  Just a few.  With Pre-K and younger, parents must always be present.  If parents do not ski or snowboard, we will make accommodations. This club is about inclusion of everyone.

**KCSSC will follow strict CDC and State guidelines for Covid-19. Groups will be divided into groups of 3 riders and 1 coach/chaperone. Face masks must be worn at all times, and social distancing must be practiced.

See the Summit website for more information on their local mountain rules.

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